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From: Fritz
Subject: Re: College Cocks, part 6/8College Cocks, part 6 of 8 (M/T, T/T, w/s)—————————————————————————-
This is a story which involves sex between young males. If that is not your
thing, what are you doing here?
If you are under 18 in most jurisdictions, you should not be reading this,
but I take no responsibility for
your actions. It takes place in an unspecified time and place and the
characters do not worry about HIV or AIDS. If you are sexually active in
today’s world, you should be aware of the risks.
—————————–Author’s note: This is part 6. Parts 7 - 8 to follow this week. Thanks for
all the comments, watch for more.College cocksCHAPTER 6 The week started off as usual, but I was in for a nice surprise on
Wednesday. I had holed up in the Library for the evening to do some
research on a paper, and headed back to the dorm about 10:30. Larry’s room
and mine was on the front of the dorm, and I glanced up when I came up the
walk to see if he was home. The window was lit, but dimly, as if only one
of the desk lamps was on. Hmm, I thought, grinning, maybe sexy’s turned in
early. I was thinking of various ways to wake him up as I went up to the
room. The door was latched, which was a surprise, but a moment later I
heard him come up to it. “Bill?” he asked in a half-whisper.
“Yeah. Of course. What’s up?” I said to the door, which immediately
opened, and Larry, naked and grinning had a finger to his lips for
silence. I could see his bed in the half-lit room behind him, and it was
not empty. I whispered. “Oh. Want me to go watch TV for a bit?” He shook
his head, the grin even wider, and jerked it to say I should come in. I
did, and realized the reason for his merriment. The naked body on his
rumpled bed was Hot Preteens turned toward the wall, obviously sound asleep, but that
delectable set of buns, and the tousled dark hair told me immediately who
it was. Danny. I smiled at my hunky friend and leaned close to whisper in
his ear.
“Wipe those canary feathers off your face and get something on,
pal. This deserves an explanation.” He nodded Hot Preteens
and pulled on a pair of
jeans, then followed me back out to the hall. He leaned against the wall,
and miraculously, we were alone in the hall, so we could talk.
“Howdy, roomie,” he grinned. “Have a nice evening?”
“Well, I don’t need to ask you that, that’s obvious! So, little Danny
finally made acquaintance with the Boa, huh?”
“Well, it’s only right, since he saddled me with that ridiculous
moniker. I shoulda known then he had more’n just a casual interest in
it. Guess you wouldn’t Hot Preteens
believe it if I Hot Preteens said he was just tired and wanted to
take a nap, huh?”
“Nope. Come on, stud, tell Billy all the dirt.”
“Well, maybe not all. I was just hanging out, pretending to study, when
who should turn up but our pal Dan. Without Tom, again. We sat and shot the
shit a while.”
“What were you wearing?” I interrupted.
“Uh, just me jockeys,” he grinned. “Anyway, I noticed he had asked two
or three times where you were and when you might be back, and I began to
wonder why he was so interested in your schedule. He was also still digging
about why we were in such a good mood on Sunday, and I think he really did
believe we’d been somewhere screwing chicks. I gladly let the conversation
drift to matters sexual, since it seemed to be on his mind, and before
long, well, things were stirring in both my crotch and his. As I got
harder, his eyes got wider, and they weren’t on my face, believe you me.
“I could also see plainly that mine was not the only swelling meat in
the room. Finally, I had to call his bluff. I said something like hell, all
this sex talk was making me horny, and I was afraid I’d have to jerk
off. He stammered that he was getting a boner, too, which I already knew,
so I just flat out asked him if he wanted to do it together.” Larry
chuckled. “I didn’t have to ask twice. I swear that fucker was buck naked
in one minute flat. And hard as a fence post.”
“Nice dick?” I asked, realizing I had never actually seen Danny fully
“Very. Kinda like Timmy Pollard’s, not huge, but a perfect fit on his
body. Very…. But that’s getting ahead of the story. Okay, we start to
beat off, me on the bed and him on the chair, and he’s staring at my cock
and flailing his like he was on “Beat the Clock” and had sixty seconds to
get off. Now what I had in mind was not watching him pump a load on our
floor, so I said why didn’t he come sit by me. He did, and I swear I could
feel him shaking through the mattress. He was so wired I was afraid he’d
explode, and I put my hand over his on his cock, stopping it and saying
slow down.
“He groaned the minute I touched him, and the next thing I knew he had
his arms wrapped around me, his face buried in my chest, practically
sobbing. ‘Oh, Larry,’ he moaned, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ I knew what he
was going through. ‘Don’t worry,’ says I, ‘I do,’ and I pulled his face up
and kissed him.
“It was like all his bones melted at the same time. Before you could
say “Danny’s coming out’ he had, and we were making love like it was going
out of style tomorrow and we had to get it all in tonight.”
“Uh huh. Just how far did Danny come out?”
Larry grinned. “Well by your definition, he ain’t straight.”
“Huh? My definition?”
“You’re the one told me straight boys don’t eat ass. And Danny was
munching at mine like he couldn’t get enough. Did pretty well at the front
side, too. And by the time we really got going, he wanted me to fuck his
ass, Hot Preteens but he just couldn’t relax enough yet for me. I could tell I was
hurting him, so I stopped. I don’t think that’ll be a problem for long,
though. That kid is hot to get screwed.”
“Well, well. Did you talk about it afterwards? How’s he reacting?”
“I think he wants to move in with us,” Larry chuckled. “He had a bit of
a surprising confession to make. Seems I was not quite the first man in his
pants. Remember Alan? I wasn’t the only friend he seduced last year.” I
raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Yup. Only a few times, at least so Danny
says. The only problem for him was he really had the hots for me, not
Alan. He didn’t know Alan and I were making it, I gathered, so I told him
the whole story, about me and Alan, my mind games with both of us, and your
forcing me to wake up. Then he had another confession.”
“You must feel like a priest.”
“Hardly. He admitted that there was only one man at Bowler he was as
turned on by as me. Happens to be my roomie.”
“Shit! And all I was doing was working on a fucking paper that isn’t
even due for a week and a half!”
“Just as well. He said he’s wanted to make it with one or both of us
all semester, but he was certain we, quote, didn’t mess around, end of
quote. But he could never have gotten up the guts to approach us or start
anything together. Now that he knows the score, he can’t wait to get both
of us in the sack. So let’s just say I was in the right place and at the
right time to break the ice.”
A slow smile widened my face. “Larry? How many times did you and Danny
climax in this torrid little session?”
His look matched mine. “Just once each. We mostly talked.”
I looked at my watch. “Roomie mine, I believe the old saying is: The
night is young.”
“I seem to have heard that one before, yes. Are you thinking it might
be time to wake up our guest?”
“That is exactly what I am thinking.” We went back into the room, where Danny was still sleeping like a baby.
Larry shucked his jeans while I stripped down quickly. He pulled me to him
for a long hot kiss, which had both our cocks on the rise as he moved over
to the bed. Sitting on the edge, he bent over, first kissing Danny’s ear,
then blowing gently in it. The lithe nude body stirred, struggling
awake. He didn’t immediately open his eyes, though. “Hmmm. Larry?”
“Thank God! It wasn’t a dream, then.”
“Nope,” Larry chuckled.
“Hmmm. Can we do it again?”
“Hope so. But you’d better roll over, hot stuff. We got company.”
“What!” Danny started, flipping onto his back with his eyes popping
open in panic. I quickly scanned his bod. Larry was right, a very nice dick
indeed. He saw me, registered my nude and very obviously aroused condition,
and his fright ebbed, replaced by a grin when he looked back and forth from
one to the other of us. “You bastard! Uh, I presume you two have had time
to, um, discuss this?” We both nodded. “I ought to be upset, I think. But
I’m not. I do have one thing to say, however.”
“What’s that, Danny?” I grinned.
“Both of you have ten seconds to get your big hot cocks in this bed so
I can get my hands on them!”
“Why waste all that time?” Larry laughed as we converged on the bed and
his naked body.
Danny was like a whirlwind of sexual passion. I thought about Tim and
Larry getting me between them Sunday night and driving me crazy, but in
this case it was Danny, even though he was usually in the middle, who was
on the attack. He seemed to have as many hands as a family of octopi, and
at least two or three mouths. I was impressed by his ability to take my
whole cock all the way to the base, and had plenty of chances to admire
it. Hell, he even managed to get most of Larry’s throat-stretcher inside
his lips. And while Larry attacked his hot young Hot Preteens nuts, Danny proceeded to
show me just how talented his tongue was in a man’s asshole.
While he flipped himself back and forth, between us, around us, under
us, we took turns gobbling his throbbing tool, and I knew what Larry had
been about to say out in the hall. Hot Preteens Danny Constantine had a dick that was
made to be sucked. It was about six and a half inches long, nicely thick,
and perfectly straight. I discovered it just fit perfectly in my open
throat, and it was hard to say who enjoyed that discovery more, Danny or
me. The kid was hotter than an August blacktop, and it wasn’t very long
before he was right on the verge of coming.
Larry was on his back, with Danny reversed over him, deep throating my
stud roommate’s immense pole while he thrust his own throbbing boner down
into Larry’s extremely talented mouth. I was kneeling behind him, prying
his hot cheeks open with my hands and stabbing my wet tongue in and out of
the quivering pucker of his hole. When I substituted a finger for my
tongue, he moaned in passion around BC’s jawbreaker cock and shoved his
butt backwards onto my hand. I added a second finger to the first, feeling
his tight chute spasm around the invading digits.
He raised his head from Larry’s erection to gasp, “Oh God, yes! So
fucking hot! Want you in me, Bill, want you to fuck me!”
“Yeah, man,” Larry growled, pulling out from under him. “Screw that hot
little butt off! Stuff your big meat up his guts while I feed him mine from
the other end.” He reached over to his bed table and handed me an open jar
of Vaseline, obviously still there from his Hot Preteens earlier attempt to penetrate
Danny’s virgin hole. I scooped out a wad on my fingers and soon had the
lithe sophomore moaning in passion again while I thoroughly greased up his
quivering anus. As I readied his butt for some heavy-duty fucking, Larry
knelt at the other end of the bed, his mammoth cock right in front of
Danny’s face. Danny’s moans were a bit muted after that, escaping around
ten inches or so of hard meat.
When his spasming hole was readily accepting my double-digit manual
fuck, I smeared more of the lube on my throbbing prick and pried his very
fuckable buns apart with my hands. I aimed my stiff pole dead center in the
puckered nut at the center of his butt, pushing down against Hot Preteens the hot gate
to his insides. At first, the virgin hole resisted, but Danny was
definitely hot to get screwed! With a groan from the base of his stomach,
he swallowed Larry’s immense shaft almost to the balls, and pushed his ass
back onto my cock. His whole body tensed when the flared head forced his
sphincter open at last and the first two or three inches of my hard flesh
drove into his rectum.
God, was that fuckhole tight! It gripped at my entering meat like a
vise, in spite of the lube. I Hot Preteens almost stopped and pulled out, thinking I
must be killing the poor kid with pain. I froze, my dick only about a third
of the way inside him, until he had a chance to adjust to the first hard
cock to penetrate his butt. In a moment, he pulled off Larry’s hard shaft
and as he spoke, I could actually feel his anus relaxing, opening just a
little more around my invading rod. “Oh, damn, stud! So fucking big! Like a
fucking flagpole up my guts! Give it to me, Bill! Stuff my ass with your
big cock!” So much for my worrying he couldn’t take it.
With a wall-rattling groan of my own, I pushed again, and sank my
entire prick home in that incredibly hot, tight sheath of muscle. The walls
of his chute gripped my dick from the root to the tip as my balls flattened
in the crack between his delectable cheeks. He sighed in pure lust while
the shaft of man meat filled his guts like they’d never been filled before,
and once more plunged down on the ten-inch horsecock in front of
him. Larry’s growls of pleasure told me that eight inches of hot dick in
his butt was inspiring Danny to even more enthusiastic oral work on my
My own boner felt like it was cast in brass, and Danny’s asshole was so
tight I was afraid to move for fear I’d blast my load into his bowels
before I even got started fucking him. I stayed plugged in to the hilt, my
whole cock buried in his clenching hole, until both the spasms of his fuck
chute and those in my dick ebbed, and I knew I could pump it to him without
triggering an immediate climax. He moaned again around Larry’s
throat-stuffer when I pulled back, drawing all but the swollen knob out of
him, then just plain went wild when I drove it all the way home again.
In a couple of moments, Larry and I both hit our stride, plowing our
rigid tools in and out of Danny’s doubly violated body from both
ends. Every time I slammed my groin into his crack, driving my prick
halfway to his stomach up his rectum, Larry thrust his hips forward too,
pounding Danny’s tonsils repeatedly with the head of his huge organ. And
from the way Danny clung to Larry’s ass and kept shoving Hot Preteens his butt up to
meet my pistoning assault, the kid loved every fucking minute of it. In no
time at all, I could once again feel my nuts pulling up under my plunging
shaft, ready to unload inside the hot sheath at any moment.
“Oh, God!” I moaned, “Too fucking much! Wait!” I shoved my throbbing
cock all the way in and held it there, impaling Danny on it. “Wait,
guys. Turn him over, Larry, flip him on his back so I can get to his dick
while I pump his butt.” Danny grunted his agreement as Larry drew his huge
snake out of his slurping throat. We both grabbed his lean body, turning
him on my cock like it was a barbecue spit skewering him. A minute later,
Danny’s legs were hooked over my arms, his knees shoved up to his nipples
and his ass wide open.
“Yeah, Bill! Even better, man. Now I can see you fuck me. See that hot
stud body slamming against me and driving your hot stud cock all the way up
my hole. Do it, man! Fuck my goddammed ass off!” The kid was hotter than a
cheap Georgia firecracker, and his cock was still rock-hard. I couldn’t
believe he was rampantly erect from his virgin ass fuck, but he was, and
the head of his boner glistened with his own lube. The new position opened
his butt even more, and soon I was deep-fucking him once again, my dick
sliding in and out of the tight hole over and over, while Larry plopped his
huge nuts right on his face, much to Danny’s obvious enjoyment.
While he slurped at the mouthful of Larry’s testicles and I explored
new depths of his guts with my driving rod, I reached down to grab his
steely erection, pumping it in my fist in time with my lunges inside
him. Before long he was writhing under us, his body jerking as if it were
electrified, and moaning constantly against Larry’s scrotum. When Larry
lifted the wrinkled sack from his lips, Danny’s face was a mask of lust.
“Oh yes! Oh, God, I can’t stand it! Harder, Bill, harder and
deeper. Split me in half, hunk, fuck me. Gonna come any second, gotta
shoot! Your fucking big cock is fucking a load right out of my… Arrgghh!
Oh, fuck, yes! NOW!”
Head flung back, chest and abdomen heaving, he moaned in passion as the
iron girder in my hand went off, blasting a fountain of hot sperm all the
way to his shoulders. Larry wasn’t about to let that hot load go completely
to waste, and he swooped down between our bodies, capturing Danny’s
erupting shaft in his mouth just as the second bolt geysered out of it and
his rectal channel spasmed around my thrusting cock, squeezing it as
tightly as when I’d first entered him.
“Oh yeah! Take it, take it all!” I growled when I slammed my crotch
into his, spearing him with all eight inches and my too long held-back
orgasm exploded in the very deepest regions of his guts. Again and again my
nuts clenched, every spasm spewing out a river of hot sap to flood his
no-longer virgin manhole. I came like a stud stallion, jet after jet
shooting out into his tight channel, until my balls actually ached from the
force of climax. And every spurt from my cock was matched by another from
his, with Larry swallowing like mad to keep up.
At last my balls were completely drained, and Danny’s own explosive
climax ebbed as well. Larry pulled up from his cock, come dribbling from
his flooded mouth and running over his chin. “Jesus, man, you must have
pumped through him. I swear I thought that was two loads instead of one!”
“Holy shit!” Danny sighed when he got his breath back, “I’ll say. That
was fantastic! I felt like my whole body was all cock and asshole. No!
Don’t!” He protested when he felt me start to pull up out of his battered
hole. “Stay in me! Fuck me again! Fuck me all night long!”
“Believe me, Babe, I’d love to, but I think I lost one ball up in
there. I am fucking wasted for the Hot Preteens moment!” I couldn’t believe he was ready
for more!
But he was. As my softening hose pulled free of his still tight ass, he
grabbed for Larry’s still massively hard pole. “Then switch places! I want
a cock inside me! Come on, B.C., your stud buddy’s got me opened up and
ready for this fucking telephone pole of yours! Stuff it in me Hot Preteens and fuck my
guts till I see stars, you big hot hunk!”
In the time I’d known Larry Joe, I had never seen him turn down an
invitation to fuck, and he wasn’t about to then, either. “You got it, hot
stuff,” he grinned, flopping onto his back on the bed. “Get your fucking
ass up here and sit on it! Sit all the way down on my big hard dick!”
One thing about Larry Joe, his sexual instincts were dead on every
time. For a kid who’d just had his cherry busted, that mammoth tool of
Larry’s was a tall order. But the way he’d suggested was just the way to do
it. Sitting on it while Larry lay on his back would allow Danny to control
the speed and depth of the fresh assault on his rectum until he could
accommodate everything his old pal had to offer. And what an offer it
was. Even though I’d just inundated Danny with a flood-sized load, the
sight of Larry’s cock rising like a redwood from his crotch was as much of
a turn-on as ever. If Danny hadn’t moved quickly, I’d have shoved him aside
and sat on it myself.
The hot little Greek stud was wasting no time, however. He swung up
onto his knees over Larry’s middle at once, reaching under himself to grab
the huge boner and aim it for his puckered hole, which was dripping with my
load. He wedged the baseball-sized glans between his cheeks, and groaned
again when he lowered his butt onto it. “Oh Jesus! I can’t fucking believe
how big it feels!”
“Hang on, stud,” I breathed, grabbing for the Vaseline. Digging some
out on my fingers, I reached between then to grease up my roommate’s
massive pole, working a generous amount into Danny’s semen-damp anus at the
same time. Both of the horny sophomores moaned in readiness while I lubed
them up.
I kept my hand on Larry’s big hot meat, keeping it aimed straight at
the narrow chute, as Danny once again flexed his legs, shoving his ass
downward. I had a front row seat, and believe me, the view was hot. The
huge cockhead pushed against the muscle ring, forcing it inward, while
Danny pulled his cheeks apart with his own hands and pressed down
hard. “Unngghh!” he moaned when it forced him open, the leading wedge
driving inside him. He still pushed down and two or three inches of the
shaft followed the head into the depths of his chute. “Oh God!”
“Easy, babe, take all the time you need,” Larry cooed, low and sexy,
while Hot Preteens he massaged Danny’s chest and tits with his big strong hands. “Hot
ass, babe! Hot as hell. Feels so damned good on my dick!” Danny gained
another inch or so. “Oh yes! Sit on it man! Sit on that big stud cock!”
Danny sighed, flexed up for a moment until just the flared head was
still gripped by his stretched sphincter. Then he slid down again, deeply
sighing from the bottom of his gut while he impaled himself once again on
half of Larry’s enormous prick. “Oh, fuck, it’s huge! Like a goddammed tree
crammed in my… Ohhh!” Hot Preteens Up again, pause, and then he moaned “Oh, fuck,
yes!” and just sat down. All the way. His asshole slid down the greased
pole in one long movement, until his buttocks were pressed flat against
Larry Joe’s crotch and all ten inches of the muscular blonde’s incredible
rod were sheathed inside his distended rectal passage.
Their mutual sighs of sheer pleasure merged while the Boa opened new
territory inside Danny’s guts. Danny threw his head back in ecstasy, and I
knew just how he felt. The sensation of being completely filled with cock
that Larry’s fuck shaft could produce was impossible to describe, but once
experienced, also impossible to forget. And from the look on young Mr.
Constantine’s face, he was in absolute fucking heaven. One thing for sure,
he wasn’t a virgin any more.
A long moment of just reveling in the feeling of Larry Joe fully inside
him and then Danny cut loose. He was like a madman as he started to fuck
himself on his classmate’s horsemeat, rising and falling above the blonde
stud’s middle, every stroke jamming his guts with ten hard inches of
cock. And Larry was into it just as Hot Preteens much, pumping his groin upward to meet
the descending butt when Danny’s hole loosened enough to really let
B.C. fuck the daylights out of his ass.
I stayed right where I’d started, watching the violent invasion of
Danny’s innermost regions from close range, and not just watching. My hands
roamed all over Danny’s delectable ass and Larry’s crotch, feeling the soft
flesh of those milky smooth cheeks, playing with Larry’s heavy balls,
adding Hot Preteens to the sexual sensations for both of them. Danny was now pumping his
ass faster and faster, really getting going as he took the entire thick
length of my roommate over and over. He was moaning almost constantly, a
stream of lusty moans forced out of him by the mammoth plunger pounding his
guts. And Larry was just as turned on, that was clear.
“Damn, stud, that ass is fantastic! Tight and hot! So fucking tight
around my big dick! Getting Hot Preteens me hot, Danny! Your ass is driving me wild!”
“Yeah, man, fuck that hot ass! Tear me apart with your huge fucking
cock! Fill me up, stud, give me your whole dammed cock and your hot dammed
load, too!”
They were both feeling each other up but good, while Danny rode that
impaling spear like his life depended on it. They grabbed each other’s
swollen nipples, pulling and tugging at the aroused buttons. Danny’s
beautiful cock, halfway between soft and erect, flopped repeatedly on
Larry’s flat abdomen, flesh slapping against flesh as it bounced up and
down while he pumped his butt on Larry’s shaft. In my fingers, I could feel
Larry’s huge nuts Hot Preteens spasming and squirming, while Danny’s hot snug chute
worked on his dick.
“Shit! Gonna shoot, man! Gonna shoot my hot load all the way in
you. Ride that cock, man, take every fucking bit of it. Oh, God, yes! Now!
Gonna … Ungh! … Gotta. Oh fuck yes, I’m coming!”
His big hands grabbed Danny’s lean hips, slamming the smaller boy all
the way down into his crotch, burying his entire organ all the way inside
his hot hole, and he moaned out loud. His whole body trembled, shaking like
an aspen in a gale while he blasted his cream up into the very well fucked
young college stud. Again and again, his hips and thighs flexed
convulsively, and I knew he was emptying his balls into the tight channel
of Danny’s ass, adding his load to mine deep inside Danny’s bowels.
Danny growled in lust while Larry pumped him full of hot sperm and the
glazed look in his dark eyes told me the young man would remember this
night for a long time. When he eased slowly off Larry’s partly softened
member, his asshole literally dripping come now, he tried to get up, but
his legs were just too rubbery. With a grunt of satisfaction, he simply
collapsed back onto the bed next to Larry Joe.
“You okay, hot stuff?” Larry Joe asked softly.
“Yeah,” Danny grinned. “I’m not sure I’ll ever walk again, but who the
fuck cares? If I can’t walk, I’ll have to stay right here, and that suits
me just fine!”
“Hmmm,” I grinned, reaching down to fondle his shapely meat, which was
pumped back to half erection from the man-sized screwing Larry had just
given him. “Looks like part of you is just fine, that’s for sure.”
‘Oh, God, Bill! Really, no more. I can’t…”
“Wanna bet?” I replaced my hand on his hot dick with my mouth, as he
groaned aloud. But he didn’t really protest that much, and very soon he was
caressing my head with one hand while I eagerly slurped at his newly
reawakened erection. I could hear and sense Larry Joe making out with him
as I worked on six inches of very suckable Greek meat, and I don’t know if
it was my roommate’s exciting deep-tongue kisses or my active tongue, but
in a surprisingly short time, Danny was avidly thrusting his steely
hardness up into my suctioning mouth, and a moment or two later, pumping
out a rich sweet portion of cream onto my palate.
Danny really did want to stay the night, but Larry just laughed and
wondered what Tom would think if his roommate didn’t come home. “Maybe
he’ll think I’m getting laid somewhere,” the dark-eyed number
grinned. “Which is just what I had in mind.”
We finally managed to convince him we were both through for the night,
but promised to get together again soon. I swear he was walking bow-legged
when he left, but the satisfied look on his mug said it all. When we were
alone, my still-naked roommate grinned at me. “That’s Hot Preteens two.”
“Huh? Two what?”
“Two down in our campaign to screw the whole student body of Bowler
College together. What do you think we ought to do, carve notches in Hot Preteens the
“Stud,” I laughed, “at the rate you’re going, both our beds would be
kindling by Christmas break. I don’t know if this place is ready for you
out and sober.” Thursday, we stayed in, studied, and then screwed each other
silly. Once again I went to sleep with the delightful sensation of ten
inches of semi-hard Weaver cock filling my doubly flooded asshole. On
Friday, Larry Joe was impossible. The party wasn’t until nine, and Hot Preteens we were
meeting Tim at Hot Preteens
his place at eight-thirty. Beginning about six, Larry Joe
asked me what time it was every fifteen minutes or so and changed clothes
three times. I finally told him he looked fine, and if he changed one more
time, I was going Hot Preteens
to throw all his clothes out the window and he’d have to
go naked.
“Hmm,” I chuckled. “Not a bad idea that, in fact. Certainly would liven
up the party quickly. Seriously, though, you are drop-dead gorgeous as you
are.” He grinned and thanked me, but it was all true. As hot as Larry Joe
looked out of clothes, he was a dammed good-looking dude in them, too. He’d
finally settled on a pair of wheat-colored jeans that showed off his
nicknamed asset to great advantage, and hugged his ass like I wanted to. It
was still Hot Preteens late-summer warm, even in the evening, and his light blue knit
pullover shirt matched his eyes almost exactly. Timmy was right; this was
going to be an entrance to remember.
When we reached his apartment, Timmy was also very approving of our
debutante’s appearance, and if I’d let him he’d have had Larry out of his
clothes in a second. Larry was ready to head for Jerry Harlow’s right that
minute, but Timmy laughed.
“Oh, no. Sit your hunky ass down, stud, relax and have a beer. We
aren’t going anywhere for an hour or so.”
“An hour? I thought you said the party was at nine!”
“It starts at nine, and a few die-hard party freaks may be there at
nine. But you still have to learn about Lavender Time, particularly for
parties. Most people won’t show up till nine-thirty at the earliest. We
are arriving closer to ten. There are going to be jaws hitting the floor
all over that room when you walk in with us, babe, and the later we get
there, the more jaws there’ll be to drop. You can’t make your grand
entrance until the audience is assembled, hump.”
“I see,” Larry Joe grinned. “Okay, so I wait to make a splash. Then how
come we got all these clothes on still? We’ve got time for a quick one.”
Tim and I both howled, cutting him off. I was still laughing when something
Tim said half- registered in the back of my mind.
“You may want to save that for later, big boy,” the lithe redhead
smiled. I didn’t really think about it at the time, and when I remembered
it later and started to ask him just what he had meant, he and Larry were
talking about something else, so I let it drop. I would find out exactly
what he meant later that evening.
Finally Larry couldn’t take it anymore, so at a quarter of ten, we
headed off for Jerry’s. This was my “introduction” to the Gay scene at
Bowler, too, of course, but to say that my roommate overshadowed me would
be putting it mildly. The party was clearly in full swing when we arrived,
that was clear from the thumping music emanating from Harlow’s apartment,
but Jerry happened to be close to the door when Tim pushed the bell, and
opened it himself.
“Timmy! Come on in, man!”
“Hi, Jerry. Jerry, this is my old friend, Hot Preteens Bill Toomey, who has just
transferred here.” I said hello and stuck out my hand as we entered. The
good- looking college boy took it, but he had already discovered the third
member of our party, and his Hot Preteens eyes were noticeably widening. Timmy just
grinned as he went on. “I guess you might know Bill’s roommate Larry…”
“Larry Joe Weaver!” Jerry finished for him. “I don’t believe this. I
mean .. I didn’t know … you mean he’s, uh, you’re … I…”
“Jerry, dear, you’re babbling.” Timmy giggled.
“Hi, Jerry. Hope you don’t mind my tagging along with these two.” Larry
Joe turned it on, the smile of death. I half expected Jerry Harlow to melt
down like the Wicked Witch when Dorothy hit her with the water.
Jerry looked from Larry Joe to me, then back at Larry. “You’re
roommates?” Larry nodded. “Just roommates?” Larry grinned wider, shrugged
and waggled his hand in front of him.
“Very close roommates. Very.”
“Holy shit. I never dreamed you were gay.”
Larry Joe laughed, and winked at me. “Someday maybe I should tell him
how appropriate ‘dreamed’ is in that context, right? So, Jerry, we gonna
stand in the door all night? Timmy here tells me your parties are the Hot Preteens best
in town.”
Jerry was recovering. “It will be tonight! Come on in, guys. I want to
introduce you two around myself.”
The next half-hour or so was a long replay of the scene at the
door. Timmy had been right, if Larry Joe wanted his coming out to have
maximum effect; Jerry’s party had been tailor-made. The news of his arrival
coursed through the three crowded rooms of Jerry’s apartment like a brush
fire in an August drought. Wherever Larry and I went, the other rooms were
suddenly less crowded. It seemed like every gay man at Bowler knew my
roommate, at least by reputation. Larry handled it beautifully, Hot Preteens
not making
a big deal out of it, just being his usual friendly self, and gradually it
calmed down. Jerry and Timmy didn’t forget I was there, and like that first
night in the Tube with Larry and his buddies, I was introduced to more
people than I could possibly remember all at once. The crowd was larger
than I’d really expected, and I wondered just what percentage of Bowler men
was gay. No wonder the co-eds all had that vaguely desperate look in their
There were a few men I already knew by sight, including a couple I had
classes with. And some of the passing glances I’d exchanged on campus that
I suspected were cruises turned out to have been. There was a hot little
brunette who lived in the dorm right next to mine and Larry’s that I’d been
half-cruising all semester. Timmy introduced us, his name was Mike
something-or-other, and from the merriment in his dark eyes, I was pretty
sure my interest had been returned.
It wasn’t Timmy but Jerry who introduced me to someone else I already
knew about, so to speak. Dean Gould was just as attractive as Timmy had
described him, and I knew he was flat out flirting, from the moment we
met. Another guy named Richard joined us, however, and led Dean away a few
minutes later with a somewhat possessive arm around his shoulders. I
wondered if he’d have any better luck holding onto the cute little
dark-eyed hunk than Timmy had.
When we could occasionally get by ourselves for a moment, Larry Joe was
like a kid being allowed to stay up with the grownups for New Year’s Eve
for the first time. He already knew a lot of the guys there, of course,
some fairly well. But he admitted to me there were only one or two he’d
been relatively sure about before that night. And a few who really
surprised him.
“Like Johnny Akers. See him, the good-looking blonde over there in the
green shirt?”
“Uh-huh. Met him a few minutes ago. Nice guy, and he is hot.”
“I’ll say. But he drives a red Corvette convertible, and there always
seems to be a real foxy chick in the rider’s seat. I swear I thought he was
the biggest ladies’ man on campus.”
“Maybe he’s bi,” I laughed.
“Not from what I’ve heard tonight,” Larry grinned lewdly. “You think
he’s hot, huh?” I nodded. “Hmmm. wanna try for another notch in the old
bedstead, partner?”
I laughed. “Weaver, you are too much.”
“Babe,” Tim Pollard came up beside us, “If you are discussing your
roommate’s endowment, there is no such thing as too much!”
“Tim, you’re a slut. In fact, I was talking about his lust. He’s trying
to talk me into a joint pass at Johnny Akers.”
Larry Joe mock-punched my arm, but Timmy just smiled
mysteriously. “Hmmm, I’d bet you next week’s allowance John wouldn’t turn
that offer down. You may get your chance later, if he’s invited where we’re
all invited.”
“You want to translate that into our language?”
“Follow me.” He managed to get us into a relatively quiet corner of the
second room. “Like I said, Jerry’s parties are the biggest and most fun in
town. But there’s another, more select invitation list that isn’t as easy
to get on. Jerry’s bashes are come-one-come-all, that’s why it’s always
BYOB. See the tall guy over there, dark hair?”
Larry Joe and I looked. The guy was classically handsome, almost too
movie star chiseled for my particular tastes. I hadn’t met him yet, but
Larry knew him. “Tom Parker, right? Senior?”
“Senior last year. Graduated, still living here, works in a real estate
office now. Tom throws parties, too, but for a handpicked small crowd. And
the principal party activity is not dancing.”
Larry looked quizzical, but I smiled. “I gather it isn’t Charades,
“Nope.” Timmy leered.
“Hey, you guys, remember I’m still new to this. What are you talking
“Larry, babe, I knew it was a good idea to bring you to this party. Tom
Parker gives orgies, real orgies. Usually about ten to twelve men, check
your clothes and your inhibitions at the door, and anything goes after
that. I have only been included in one of these hot soirees, and have been
dying to be asked back since. Tonight Tom pulled me aside said he was
having a few friends over to his place after this party winds down, and by
all means I should come. And, of course, bring my two friends with me.”
Larry was goggle-eyed. “Me and Bill.”
“You and Bill, right. I suppose I could be miffed at the thought that I
was only being invited to an orgy at Tom Parker’s because you two came with
me, but Honey, if it’s half as much fun as the last time, I’d go if he
asked me to bring Lassie.”
“Well, pal,” I grinned, “looks like your debut is a success.”
“Am I ready for this? Betty Weaver’s little boy Larry Joe invited to an
orgy? A real honest-to-god orgy?”
Quickly, I groped the crotch of his jeans. As I suspected, the B.C. was
more than a little swollen. “I think you’re ready,” I laughed.
A kid named Bryan came up to us. This was the friend of Timmy’s who’d
spent his freshman year drooling over Larry Joe in the gym showers. We’d
all already had a laugh about it when Tim had introduced him to us. “I saw
that, Toomey. No fair, you can grab him anytime, so don’t try to monopolize
him when he’s out in public. Say, hot stuff, wanna dance with a horny
college kid?”
The last was to Larry Joe, who grinned. “Sure. Know where I could find
one?” Bryan just made a face and took Larry’s free hand, pulling him
toward the other room, where that fall’s hit dance song was booming from
the speakers. Larry managed to hand me his beer can as he was led off.
Tim took me over and introduced me to Tom Parker, whose very nice body
and sexy deep voice made me more attracted to him than I had been. He
confirmed the invitation for later, not specifically mentioning the nature
of the party; it seemed to be assumed I Hot Preteens already knew what the invitation
implied. He made me believe he genuinely wanted me to come, but he did
confirm that Larry would be with us.
Tom said he’d let all his guests know when he was leaving, so we could
follow, but it would be a while yet. Jerry’s party was just hitting full
stride. I went to get another beer, and just mingled for a while. As a new
face myself, I was getting some very pleasant attention, some of it just
hospitably friendly, some of it with a definite undercurrent of more than
just welcoming a newcomer to Bowler. I had gotten two outright offers of
sex by the time Larry Joe re-appeared at my side. One of them from Hot Preteens Johnny
Akers, whom I had decided, was very attractive. I managed to drop the hint
that my roommate and I had been known to share more than a dorm Hot Preteens room, and
he was very clearly receptive to that idea.
“Bill! Hot Preteens
Wondered where in hell you were.” Larry was flushed and a bit
sweaty- damp. I’d seen him on the dance floor, with a couple of different
guys. I’d been looking for him, too, and handed him the beer I’d gotten for
“Just making the rounds. You seem to have been occupied.” I Hot Preteens grinned.
“God yes. I haven’t had this much fun at a party in ages. The problem
with being queer and pretending you’re not is that it leaves you pretty
much in limbo. I wasn’t interested in girls, and wouldn’t admit I was
interested in boys, so who the hell was I going to dance and party with?”
“Now you’re learning.”
“Tell you something else, pal. There’s more than a few guys here I’d
like to do more than dance with, too.”
“That reminds me. We can’t make a pass at John Akers.”
“Why not? He got a steady lover or something?”
“No, it’s just too late for one of us to make the pass. He beat us to
it.” Larry Joe’s grin widened. “He asked if I might be interested in
fooling around. I allowed as how I definitely might be, and that you
weren’t bashful either. I think he liked the idea.”
“Hot damn! You make a date?”
“No, but Johnny made sure he knew where we lived. How do you think
you’d look in a Corvette, stud?”
“Sexier than those fish he usually hauls around.”
I chuckled. “You’ve been taking language lessons.”
“Lord, I need to! Does Berlitz offer a crash program in Gay? Oh, that
reminds me. Does ‘water sports’ mean what I think it does? In a sexual
context, that is.” I nodded. “Thought so,” he grinned wickedly. “I wonder
if our buddy Timmy knows Jack Dayton? From something I overheard, I think
they might hit it off. Say, Roomie, wanna dance?”
“Thought you’d never ask.” Larry Joe was as uninhibited and showed as
much natural talent on the dance floor as in bed. He used that muscular
body of his well, looked damn good, and was obviously having a fine time in
the process. I enjoyed dancing with him a lot. In fact, I enjoyed almost
everything with Larry Joe Weaver, Hot Preteens
which I had to be careful about. If I let
myself, I could develop a real case for the big stud, and he was clearly
not ready for settling down.
When we came off the floor, we ran into Johnny Akers. The wiry blonde
smiled at us. “You two look hot dancing together. Two big studs. I like big
men.” He left no doubt that he didn’t just mean the fact that both Larry
Joe and I top six feet. “You got plans for tomorrow night?”
Larry grinned. “My, that’s direct. I like a man who comes right to the
John’s grin was slier. “Well, I was actually thinking of dinner.” He
paused just long enough to let the blush start to creep up my roommate’s
fair features, then added, “First, anyway. But we can’t spend all night at
“Sounds Hot Preteens good. Anyplace in particular?”
“There’s a new Italian place in Madison that has a good rep. Rumor says
the food is good and cheap, and the wine is just cheap. I’ve been meaning
to try it. How about you two joining me?”
I looked at Larry, who nodded. “Fine,” I said.
Larry Joe’s eyes twinkled, and I could tell he was planning to get back
at Johnny for making him think he’d presumed too much
before. “Hmm. Saturday night. You mean you don’t have a date with one of
Bowler’s lovely ladies this weekend, Johnny?”
“Touché.” Akers just smiled. “I’m not playing the cover games as
much this year. Got to be too much hassle. With the car, it was all too
easy to get dates, God knows. The amazing thing was, I could have had all
the pussy I wanted, without trying hard. What was difficult was coming up
with an excuse to take them home and still have time to drive to Madison
before the bar closed.”
“Madison?” Larry asked.
“You haven’t been to the Blue Room yet?” Larry shook his head. “Bill,
have you?” I also said no, that Tim had told me about it, but without
wheels I hadn’t gotten there. “All right! I have wheels, and tomorrow night
after dinner, I will show you both the local gay bar. Remember, Hot Preteens though, I’m
your ride home,” he grinned.
“Even if I meet the man of my dreams?” Larry was obviously teasing.
“You already have, hunk. You’re going to dinner with him tomorrow.”
Johnny shot back.
“With advance billing like that, screw dinner.”
“No, sexy. Dinner we eat. Screwing we save for later.”
Larry Joe was in his element. He was by nature friendly and open, and
I’d noticed around the dorm that he got to know everyone and assumed that
anyone was a friend until he was given a reason not to. Here, with the rest
of the crowd just as eager to get to know him, he was instantly
Mr. Congeniality. And since I was with him, I plunged into the Gay social
scene at my new school just as thoroughly, and loved it.
We were having a good time, and I was just pleasantly buzzed, not at
all drunk but nicely high, when Tom Parker managed to snare Larry and me at
the same time. “I’ll be heading home in about twenty minutes, and the rest
of the guys a bit after. Say in forty-five, about twelve-thirty? You and
Timmy don’t have a car right?” We said no, and he thought. “I’ll see you
get a ride, but just in case, I live at Carroll Gardens, in apartment
B-10. You know where it is?”
“Out off the highway, just past the mall, right?” Larry said.
“Right. Uh, this may be a little late, and blunt, but I have to ask. I
hope you can both be, um, discreet.”
I smiled. “I know I can, and this one was so discreet he didn’t even
tell himself he was gay.” Larry punched me again, but they both smiled.
“Good. I have invited a couple of guests who aren’t here. They have
their own reasons for not wanting to be seen here, or have it widely known
that they, uh…”
“Got it.” Larry said.
“Fine. Now, let me spread the word and see if I can find you a ride.
See you soon.” He moved off.
“Toomey?” Larry Joe said, looking around the room.
“Don’t get me wrong, fellow, I still want to fuck around with a whole
lot of these hot men, but Hot Preteens I think I love you, guy. In fact, I know I do.”
“That’s nice.” I didn’t dare say anything else.
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